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Conserving biodiversity of fragile ecosystems -

Ruboni Community Forest Project

​Our Mission Statement

The Rwenzori Development Foundation (RDF) aims to support and enable the development of self-reliant and sustainable rural communities in south-western Uganda through empowering education and conservation programmes.


RDF aims to provide UK volunteers with opportunities for personal growth, development and an awareness of developing world issues through their involvement in fundraising challenges.


Read about our work in south western Uganda in our latest newsletter.

We recently supported KAFRED’s Riverbank Conservation and Education Project. The overall goal of this project was to raise awareness and equip local people with knowledge and practical skills to restore degraded riverbank areas.

During the course of the project it became clear that demarcating the wetland was integral to conserving the wetlands. When the boundaries are marked, the wetland will not be disturbed and will therefore regenerate naturally.  As a result, part of the grant was spent on boundary posts and trees to enhance the demarcation of the area. 

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Volunteer with us

We are always looking for new volunteers to help us raise money for the Rwenzori Development Foundation. There are lots of exciting fundraising events that you can get involved in why not give it a go??

Thinking of going to Uganda?

You could visit some of the RDF projects. Just click on the links above to find out more about all the projects we are supporting in Uganda and our fundraising efforts.




a month could buy provide urgently needed books and equipment for local schools.

a month could help establish a small farm for each school, which would generate income through the sale of fruits,  vegetables, and eggs, thereby helping support disadvantaged students.

a month could support important environmental conservation work of local community groups.





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