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UK Trustees

The RDF has seen a number of trustees over the years, all of them bringing with them unique experience and enthusiasm that has helped to shape and grow the charity.

Esther Bertram


Conservation Programme Co-ordinator, Trustee


I am currently living and working in the Falkland Islands running Falklands Conservation. I have previously worked for Fauna & Flora International, a conservation NGO, and I spent many holidays as a lecturer on tourist ships in the Antarctic.


It has given me great pleasure to be involved in the Rwenzori Development Foundation and Uganda since 1993. I am greatly enjoying watching the charity go from strength to strength, with our Ugandan partners providing inspiring leadership and coordination.

Amanda Mullard


Education Programme Co-ordinator, Trustee


I've been involved with the RDF for over 20 years. After an initial trip in 1993 I was so taken by the warmth and generosity of the Ugandans, despite the hardships they face, that I wanted to carry on doing whatever I could to help them. I am so proud of what we have achieved over the years, we are small and things take time but thanks to the devotion and strength of this frankly, quite remarkable group of friends we have managed to make a difference to some Ugandans. I live in London and am a primary school teacher.

Kate Aubrey-Johnson


RDF, Chair of trustees



I was lucky enough to live and work in Uganda for a year and was surrounded by the most wonderful, friendly and enthusiastic people who've inspired me to encourage people in the UK to give a little bit of their time and money to improve the lives of those living in Uganda.


I'm a children's rights barrister and mediator and live in London with my husband and three children.


Florence Creedy-Smith



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