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What We Do

In 2020, we supported three new projects helping children access education and supporting communities protect their local environment: The Sitara Foundation, The Rwenzori Trust and KAFRED's Riverbank Project.


The Sitara Foundation


'Sitara: The African Child' is a charitable organisation working in Masaka Bwala village in Southern Uganda supporting 50 children under the age of 10 from disadvantaged families by providing essential meals and early years education. 

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The Rwenzori Trust


The Rwenzori Trust's Child Sponsorship Project supports families by subsidising education fees for secondary and tertiary education for young people who have a link with the village of Ruboni in the Kasese District in Western Uganda. Since 2008, the Child Sponsorship Project has supported over 40 young people each year to access education by paying a portion of their education fees. 

KAFRED's Riverbank Project


KAFRED’s Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, is a conservation area (CA) in one of the important wildlife corridors that leads into the Kibale National Park. The Riverbank Project aims to educate the local community about the importance of the wetlands and how to sustainably use the wetlands and protect against their degradation.

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