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We hope you have been inspired by the work we do and would like to help us. All the money you donate goes directly towards our work Uganda as the Trustees cover any running and admin costs incurred by the charity through their own monthly donations.


If you would like to make a donation to our work, you can email us at or fill in our donation & standing order form and send to this address:


22 Kiver Road, London, N19 4PD.




Even better, if you would like to become a regular monthly donor, please complete the 'Standing Order' section of the donation & standing order form. Regular donations help us to plan ahead, providing better security for our projects in Uganda.

When making a donation, please don't forget to complete the Gift Aid Declaration, as this will enable us to claim back an extra 28% from the Inland Revenue. That means a £10 monthly donation is worth an extra £2.80 at no extra cost to you! 


£5 a month could buy provide urgently needed books and equipment for local schools.

£25 a month could support important environmental conservation work of local community groups.

£10 a month could help establish a small farm for each school, which would generate income through the sale of fruit, vegetables and eggs, thereby helping support disadvantaged students.


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